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The Secret to Outselling the Competition: Follow the Science

Wed, Jun 15, 2022   12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

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Registration for the Webinar online is $99 per company!  You will receive an invite from Kelly Riggs to join the webinar via email.


Join Kelly Riggs on Webinar: The Secret to Outselling the Competition: Follow the Science

So, why are 3-out-of-4 salespeople average…or worse? More importantly, why is it that the vast majority of people despise salespeople? Turns out, these two questions have the same answer! For decades, the average salesperson has been taught how to sell in such a way that almost guarantees mediocre performance and simultaneously irritates the customer. In this webinar, participants will discover why salespeople approach selling completely wrong and what they need to change in order to succeed.


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