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Quit Whining and Start Selling

Wed, Jun 1, 2022   12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

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Registration for Webinar is $99 per company.  You will receive an email from Kelly to join the webinar via email. 


Join Kelly Riggs on this Webinar: Quit Whining and Start Selling!

Victims make terrible salespeople. In fact, the primary difference between exceptional salespeople and everyone else is that great salespeople are always troubleshooting, assessing their work, and finding ways to improve. They create different habits. They make different choices. Unfortunately, most everyone has an excuse. In this webinar, Kelly Riggs, author of “Quit Whining and Start SELLING! A Step-by-Step Guide to a Hall of Fame Career in Sales,” reviews the critical non-negotiable components necessary to succeed in sales, and reveals the habits and choices that make the difference between average and extraordinary.


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